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Navicut NC Series | Laser Cutting Machine | Utmost Production

Navicut NC Series | Laser Cutting Machine | Utmost Production

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The Navicut NC Series

The Navicut NC CNC laser cutting machines are an ideal choice for companies with high quality requirements and seeking efficiency.

Three unbeatable reasons to buy this machine:

  • 3 Gs of acceleration for more efficient production
  • 3-year warranty for maximum satisfaction
  • 3-shift operation

Navicut machines are manufactured exclusively in Europe with the utmost attention to detail. A team of experts assembles the machines in small numbers to ensure maximum quality.

We are the exclusive distributors of these machines, and thanks to our small-scale setup, we can easily convey our customers' needs to the manufacturer, allowing us to serve almost any requirement.

  • One of the most efficient and reliable solutions
    If there is no room for error, then this is the machine for you.
  • From 1 kW to 30 kW laser power
    Options for Precitec and Raytools laser heads, and IPG and Raycus laser sources.
  • First-class precision according to ISO 9013 standard
  • Excellent quality
    The machine is robust, durable, and delivers perfect results for years.
  • Easy operation
    The Metallix-Navicut software automatically optimizes cutting, reducing preparation time.

Available variations

NC-315 LM; NC-420 LM; NC-615 LM; NC-620 LM


305 cm * 155 cm; 405 cm * 205 cm; 605 cm * 155 cm; 605 cm * 205 cm

Weight (tons)

12; 18; 19; 22

Maximum speed of the laser head

210 m/min

X/Y axis positioning accuracy

±0.05 mm/m

X/Y axis re-positioning accuracy

± 0.01 mm

Available extras:

  • Conveyor for collecting technological waste
  • Swivel laser head
  • 4 opening doors for quick access to work desks
  • Design and manufacture equipment according to your requirements
  • Remote monitoring system
  • Tube cutting module

Main components:

  • Linear synchronous motors from SIEMENS (Germany)
  • Precision guides INA (Germany) and TNK (Japan)
  • IGUS flexible cable channels (Germany)
  • RENISHAW linear encoders (Great Britain)
  • Omgop CNC controller (Japan) (DELTA TAU)
  • safety shock absorbers and pneumatic system FESTO (Germany) and CAMOZZI (Italy)
  • PRECITEC laser heads

What is laser cutting technology used for?

  • Metal industry: Various metals (steel, aluminum, copper, etc.) are cut and engraved using lasers, for example, in the production of machine components and tools.
  • Electronics industry: PCB boards and wiring plates are engraved and cut using lasers.
  • Automotive industry: Production and engraving of various car parts, such as engine components.
  • Furniture industry: Cutting and engraving of furniture and decorative elements made of wood and plastic.
  • Construction industry: Cutting of profiles and decorative elements made of metal and wood for buildings.
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