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Senfeng BDE13032 | Electro-Hydraulic Bending Machine

Senfeng BDE13032 | Electro-Hydraulic Bending Machine

The BDE13032 CNC Bending Machine from Senfeng is electro-hydraulic hybrid machine designed for simple and safe sheet metal bending. 

It offers higher accuracy and faster response speed, with a unique design for precision and consistency. It can be used for various applications and comes with different CNC axis options.

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Introducing the Senfeng BDE13032 | bending machine

The BDE13032 CNC Bending Machine is a reliable solution for achieving simple and safe operations in the sheet metal bending process. This electro-hydraulic hybrid CNC bending machine is engineered with user-oriented features to ensure easy and safe operation, designed and manufactured by Senfeng.

The CNC bending machine is optimized to meet production requirements with higher accuracy and faster response speed. The distance between the table and the upper beam is optimized to ensure the best performance, efficiency, and precision of the CNC press brake.

With a unique design of 4 rear fingers, unnecessary manual operations are reduced, and workpieces can be positioned at the right site to ensure high precision and consistency of the bending angle and bending position. The German REXROTH hydraulic system provides precise and efficient control of hydraulic power, ensuring smooth and accurate operation of machinery and equipment.

This CNC bending machine can be used to bend stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized sheet, making it a versatile tool for various applications. It can also be used with robots to realize automatic feeding, greatly reducing the dependence on labor and improving product consistency and production efficiency.

Different CNC axis options are available to correspond to different CNC systems, allowing for more accurate bending. The DSP laser safety protection device fully protects the personal safety of the bending machine operator and avoids the danger caused by the rapid movement of the slider on the machine tool.

Senfeng BDE13032 | Semi-automatic bending machine | Product video

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